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Game Format and Rules

Game Format

Games are broken into three (3) separate (3) three inning games. Best 2 out of 3 wins.


An intermission, similar to hockey, will break each game with performances and entertainment between each.

Game 1 (Innings 1-3):  Traditional Baseball Rules.


Game 2 (Innings 4-6): Mario Superstar Baseball rules with power-ups, special enhanced bats and more.


Game 3 (Innings 7-9): "Jacked Baseball" rules.

jacked baseball 4_final-04.png
jacked baseball 4_final-04.png

Jacked Baseball Rules

  1. Home Run Derby to start each game with each home run counting as a run.

  2. Bigger bat barrels 2 ¾ vs. 2 ⅝.

  3. Juiced baseballs Ball travels approximately 20 ft farther.

  4. Required fastballs on 3 ball counts.

  5. The Penalty Box. Similar to hockey, if the pitcher hits a batter, the fielding team loses a player to the Penalty Box until an out is recorded.

​​We believe the game of baseball needs to change. 


Every major sport across the U.S. has adapted their rules over time to benefit the offense to create a more exciting game. Every sport except baseball.


America's two most popular sports, the NFL & NBA, continue to change rules to restrict the defense and give the offense more room for scoring. This increased offense has lead to more touchdown celebrations, more slam dunks, more action and a more watchable game for the casual fan.

Jacked Baseball follows suit and our rules are designed to accomplish two things:

  1. Increase offense

  2. Add more exciting moments

Jacked Baseball Rules Explained


Our Story

Outlier Logo.png

Outlier Events began in Kalamazoo, MI with a summer college baseball team focused on everything except baseball. We didn't have MLB players so we had to be different. A 6-year-old head coach, players chugging drinks at home plate after home runs a 3,000 calorie donut cheeseburger and fans went wild.

We realized that fans didn't want a traditional baseball game. They wanted something that stood out.

This led us to creating some of the most unique food festivals in the world. This included the world's first ever Donut and Beer festival, Tater Tot Festival, Mac and Cheese festivals and much more.​

Now we are coming back to our roots with baseball. Jacked Baseball combines all of our wildest ideas as we look to make baseball a more fun and exciting game for the future.

Our mission is to make people happy, one crazy event at a time.

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