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Nut Smugglers


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Influencers & YouTubers vs. MLB players & All-Stars.

Insane rules. Questionable players. Winner takes all.

Nut Smugglers

get your mind out of the gutter.

We believe that a real-world team of  "Bad News Bears" influencers and YouTube celebrities can beat a legitimate team of baseball All-Stars.

Don't get it twisted, we're here to win.

King of Juco


Frankie Lapenna

frankie lapenna


stephen schoch


marika lyszczyk

Tosh Semlacher

tosh semlacher

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We are nuts
Here for the Challenge

One of the top attended summer college teams in the country is assembling an exhibition team of former all-star players, MLB HR leaders and more.

Our team is known for our off-the-field antics as much as our on-the-field successThe Growlers All-Stars welcome the challenge and will host the Nut Smugglers on their own home turf.

Jose Canseco

jose canseco

Coach Drake

coach drake

Adam Wheaton
Darrell Evans

darrell evans

Banks Tolley

banks tolley

adam wheaton

Leading the Growlers All-Stars are MLB HR Leaders Jose Canseco and Darrell Evans,  30-time ejected 9 year old coach, Coach Drake, former Party Animal Breland Almadova, Growlers Hall of Famer Adam Wheaton who boasts a career 2.73 ERA across 5 seasons, Growlers Single Season HR leader and 2022 CWS Champion, Banks Tolley, and MORE.

Jacked Baseball

Jacked Baseball

On August 24th, the most over the top baseball game with new rules is coming to Kalamazoo, MI.


The Northern Nut Smugglers will comprise a roster of players exclusively from social media influencers, YouTubers and celebrities.  The Nut Smugglers will have TikTok star Frankie Lapenna, the entire Momentum Sports lineup, Stephen Scoch, Matt Wurnig, Allen Ferrell, 1hunna, Keegan Kevesdy, brendedlmao, and more.


The Kalamazoo Growlers All-Stars will comprise their roster from former players, MLB HR leaders and more. The team includes Jose Canseco, coach Darrell Evans and Coach Drake, influencers Austin Schultz, and more.

To learn more about the game format and rules CLICK HERE.

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